Rally meters

We have manufactured professional-quality meters for nearly 30 years, and many of the meters that have been produces in the 80s are still in use. A month ago I sent a manual of a meter that was last manufactured in -87 to a customer.
When you select Eltrip-meter you know that you get a product that will function correctly and reliably. During the race you should have no need to worry about your measurement equipment. Reliable Eltrip-rally meters are excellent and reliable choice for hobbyists and professionals alike.

In need of something special? We offer also goal clocks and various other specialty need items. If you need something special in measurement, there is a good change we can provide it. Contact us for more information...

Eltrip-R20 shows you the information you need - from one information to up to four different informations at same time. No more switching between the displays - you get to see all the information whenever you need it.
Eltrip-R20 comes in three varieties; R20 LE, an affordable basic model that can later be upgraded to standard R20; standard R20, and R20-f which comes with fuel amount measurement.

Eltrip-R10 is purpose-built meter for any rally use.